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Pink Hakea – Fiona Bastow

Pink Hakea, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Feeling Blue – Fiona Bastow

Feeling Blue, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Installation – Fiona Bastow

Installation, Fiona Bastow

Burnt Umber Evening – Fiona Bastow

Burnt Umber Evening, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Sunday Morning – Fiona Bastow

Sunday Morning, Fiona Bastow

We have moved to an online-only gallery and are no longer at the Tewantin space.

Thank you for supporting us here at Gallery One93. It was an interesting journey and we appreciate all those who have supported us along [...]

We are hosting a group exhibition in conjunction with Arcadia Street Gallery: VIEWFINDER

VIEWFINDER: UPCOMING EXHIBITION   In conjunction with Arcadia Street Gallery, we’re delighted to invite you to our upcoming group exhibition: VIEWFINDER featuring LOUIS WAYLIING, FIONA [...]

Coffee or wine – Fiona Bastow

Coffee or Wine, Fiona Bastow

Exciting upcoming fundraising event: book launch & exhibition of paintings by fashion design Gregory Ladner

Gallery One93 is pleased to host our upcoming fundraising event - all profits are donated to the wonderful Children's Hospital Foundation, Qld. This event [...]

A ‘unique’ opportunity in art – beating the S&P 500 over 25 years

Contemporary art has offered an annual return of 14% over the last 25 years, as of December 2020, versus a 9.5% annual return from [...]

Gallery opening 9th December with Eric Bergen charity auction

Gallery one93 contemporary art gallery had the honour of launching with a no-reserve charity auction on the 9th December 2022. Award-winning German-born artist, Eric [...]

Procession – Mirka Mora

“Procession”. Mirka Mora. POA

Crucifixion – Mirka Mora

“Crucifixion”. Mirka Mora. POA

Kelly & Drought Animal – Sidney Nolan

“Kelly & Drought Animal”. Sidney Nolan. POA

The Enquirer – Robert Dickerson

“The Enquirer”. Robert Dickerson. POA

Growler – Adam Cullen

“Growler”. Adam Cullen. SOLD

Syzygy – Matthew Johnson

“Syzygy”. Matthew Johnson. POA

Australian Jesus with Golden Motorbike – Reg (Chris O’Doherty) Mombassa

“Australian Jesus with Golden Motorbike” – Reg (Chris O’Doherty) Mombassa. SOLD

Red Dot Special – Jasper Knight

“Red Dot Special”. Jasper Knight. SOLD

Games – David Larwill

“Games”. David Larwill. POA

Untitled Landscape – Guy Grey-Smith

“Untitled Landscape”. Guy Grey-Smith. POA

Australian Landscapes No. 6 – Ben Quilty

“Australian Landscapes No. 6”. Ben Quilty. POA

Spanish Eggs – John Olsen

“Spanish Eggs”. John Olsen. SOLD

Crucifixion – Mirka Mora

Mirka Mora (1928-2018) Crucifixion 1976 oil on canvas 90.5 x 183cm POA

Honeyeaters – John Olsen

John Olsen Honeyeaters 1997 synthetic polymer paint, pastel and crayon on paper 98x92cm SOLD

Procession – Mirka Mora

Mirka Mora (1928-2018) Procession gouache on paper 25 x 35cm