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Contemporary & modern Australian art


Come along to a joint exhibition ALCHEMY ON THE COAST at The J, Noosa with artists MICHAEL BOND, CHUCK GORDO and FIONA BASTOW – June 3 to end July 2024

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Light Outside – Fiona Bastow

Light Outside, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Banksia with Red and Blue – Fiona Bastow

Banksia with Red and Blue, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Pink Hakea – Fiona Bastow

Pink Hakea, Fiona Bastow $2,900 SOLD

Feeling Blue – Fiona Bastow

Feeling Blue, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Installation – Fiona Bastow

Installation, Fiona Bastow

Burnt Umber Evening – Fiona Bastow

Burnt Umber Evening, Fiona Bastow $2,600

Sunday Morning – Fiona Bastow

Sunday Morning, Fiona Bastow

Coffee or wine – Fiona Bastow

Coffee or Wine, Fiona Bastow

Procession – Mirka Mora

“Procession”. Mirka Mora. POA

Crucifixion – Mirka Mora

“Crucifixion”. Mirka Mora. POA

Kelly & Drought Animal – Sidney Nolan

“Kelly & Drought Animal”. Sidney Nolan. POA

The Enquirer – Robert Dickerson

“The Enquirer”. Robert Dickerson. POA

Growler – Adam Cullen

“Growler”. Adam Cullen. SOLD

Syzygy – Matthew Johnson

“Syzygy”. Matthew Johnson. POA

Australian Jesus with Golden Motorbike – Reg (Chris O’Doherty) Mombassa

“Australian Jesus with Golden Motorbike” – Reg (Chris O’Doherty) Mombassa. SOLD

Red Dot Special – Jasper Knight

“Red Dot Special”. Jasper Knight. SOLD

Games – David Larwill

“Games”. David Larwill. POA

Untitled Landscape – Guy Grey-Smith

“Untitled Landscape”. Guy Grey-Smith. POA

Australian Landscapes No. 6 – Ben Quilty

“Australian Landscapes No. 6”. Ben Quilty. POA

Spanish Eggs – John Olsen

“Spanish Eggs”. John Olsen. SOLD

Crucifixion – Mirka Mora

Mirka Mora (1928-2018) Crucifixion 1976 oil on canvas 90.5 x 183cm POA

Honeyeaters – John Olsen

John Olsen Honeyeaters 1997 synthetic polymer paint, pastel and crayon on paper 98x92cm SOLD

Procession – Mirka Mora

Mirka Mora (1928-2018) Procession gouache on paper 25 x 35cm