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Contemporary & modern Australian art


Fiona Bastow

Fiona Bastow has held solo and group shows in various galleries (in Australia and in the US where she studied for a year) and obtained her Fine Arts degree from RMIT over 20 years ago.  She has worked in various arts related positions including the Art and Craft lecturer at Darwin Prison and been involved artist run spaces and now running a commercial gallery.

Fiona’s latest body of work explores the effect that the natural environment has on the human psychological condition … she’s interested in how our moods can be influenced by different weather, times and seasons.  Fiona is interested in how we respond to different colours in nature, how the time of day can either bring about feelings of hope and optimism (dawn for Fiona) or a sense of melancholy (dusk), how the length of sunlight in a day can evoke strong changes in feelings (those short days of a grey Melbourne winter versus the bright open skies of summer) and how the soothing green hues of the Australian bush or the shimmering reflections of light on water can calm and soothe restlessness.

Fiona works in oils on canvas using thin layers of saturated colour.